Investment Planning

Establishing the right investment strategy for you is a priority for helping to secure your own financial future and that of your family and future generations. We offer industry leading, tax efficient, investment management services. Some of our core investment propositions are considered below:

Individual Savings Account (ISA)

What is an ISA?

An ISA is a tax-exempt savings account. This is considered one of the most tax efficient savings vehicles as ISA’s are not subject to Capital Gains Tax on gains or income tax on any income received.

Income and gains from an ISA do not have to be declared on an investor’s annual tax return. Furthermore, if you are over the age of 65, income received from investments held in an ISA does not impact any higher rate personal tax allowance you receive.

With St. James’s Place, clients can switch between funds or shares within a Stocks & Shares ISA wrapper without giving rise to a Capital Gains Tax liability. Fund switches are also conducted free of charge.

There are two types of ISA:

  • Stocks & Shares ISA – holds investment funds and/or shares.
  • Cash ISA – available as instant access or fixed-rate accounts.

Investors can open one of each type of ISA in the same tax year however, the total ISA allowance for the tax year 2020/2021 of £20,000 must not be exceeded. St. James’s Place offers Stocks & Shares ISAs.

How much can I invest into an ISA?

Each UK resident is entitled to a £20,000.00 ISA allowance per financial year per individual (from 18 years old). It is important to consider that this is a “use it or lose it” allowance and as such, if you miss a subscription in a financial year you cannot go back. Our investment management services help you utilise these benefits each tax year.


Investments into a St. James’s Place ISA can be made by regular monthly/annual contributions (minimum £150/£1,500) or as a lump sum contribution (minimum £1,500).


The value of an ISA with St. James’s Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds selected and may fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested. An investment in a Stocks and Shares ISA will not provide the same security of capital associated with a Cash ISA.


The favourable tax treatment of ISAs may not be maintained in the future and is subject to changes in legislation.

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Unit Trust Feeder

What is a Unit Trust Feeder?

A Unit Trust Feeder is perfect when you want to invest more than £20,000.

If you have already fully subscribed your ISA allowance in the current financial year, a Unit Trust Feeder enables a smooth process in the interim. The investment capital is initially and fully invested into our range of unit trust funds then, in April of each year, we migrate £20,000 from the ‘Feeder’ account into ISA status until the funds are exhausted.

The St. James’s Place Unit Trust Feeder is available for initial investments of £1,500+ (minimum additional investment: £1,000).

The value of investment with St. James’s Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds you select and the value can therefore go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invested.

The levels and bases of taxation, and reliefs from taxation, can change at any time and are generally dependent on individual circumstances.

Investment advice includes:

• Investing for growth • Investing for income • Growth and income portfolios • ISAs • Junior ISAs • Access to Discretionary fund management • Investment bonds • Unit trusts • Offshore investments

For advice and assistance in all aspects of financial planning, reach out to us now.