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Founded in 2002 on trust, empathy and sound professional advice. A family business, focused on growing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. If you would like to discuss how we could help you achieve your financial planning goals, please call us on 01329 283311

To arrange face-to-face advice and assistance covering all aspects of financial planning, call us on 01329 283311 or request a callback:

Proud to offer a personal, bespoke and professional service.

Ensuring that a business relationship is maintained, is not a given in any walk of life. It needs trust, empathy and sound professional advice.

We are extremely proud of the fact that our clients are overwhelmingly clients for life.

Face to face advice, a truly comprehensive approach to client situations and first-class support from the whole team is what we will deliver.

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For advice and assistance in all aspects of financial planning, reach out to us now.

Knowing that the majority of our financial investments are in the very safe hands of John Satchwell is a great comfort to us. His advice has been professional, timely and delivered with courtesy. His wider written information is also precise and easily digested making financial planning much less daunting to the uninitiated.

Norman & Carol Howden

I have always found John Satchwell efficient and professional giving clean advice and support. He is very approachable and guided me through my retirement with patience, offering excellent suggestions regarding my funds and savings plans.

It is always a pleasure to meet John again when he visits to assist and advise on all aspects of financial planning. At no point does one feel any obligation to make decisions until every aspect of a potential financial decision has been thoroughly explained in the most friendly, professional and courteous manner, ensuring that his recommendation and advice are fully understood.

Justin Ward

Approaching a point in my life where I really needed some sound financial advice and along came the Satchwell’s. Sam has been excellent. He has managed to consolidate my life policy’s and reduce my monthly costs with no loss of cover. My pensions, once in dis-array are now happily back on track. With all of my options clearly explained I now feel much happier about the future.

Jonathan Bessell

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